E-Genetik is a comprehensive software program designed for record keeping, herd management, and herd health monitoring for dairy farms. E-Genetik 1.0 is our newest version and provides many new features while retaining the best features of its predecessors.

It maintains records of production data, calvings, breedings, and other animal events as well as health and medication records, bulk tank information and feed, drug and semen inventories. Because of its consistent, vocabulary-driven format and its ability to maintain lifetime histories on each and every animal, E-Genetik's reporting capabilities are unmatched.

How Can E-Genetik Help You?

Designed for a personal computer on your farm or in your practice, E-Genetik will help you identify areas where you can increase productivity and profitability of the dairy herd.

E-Genetik offers the producer, veterinarian and consultant unparalleled diagnostic power by keeping lifetime histories for all the farm's animals up-and-running all the time, and by accepting data in a consistent, vocabulary-driven format. This allows for consistent, accurate and meaningful reports that provide you the information you need when you need it.

What Reports Can You Create?

E-Genetik contains a number of built-in Standard Reports ready to run or to be tailored to your needs.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Animals Due to Calve
  • Cow Card
  • Animals Due in Heat
  • Animals Due to Dry Off
  • The powerful Performance Monitor is a standard report that provides a whole farm overview. It covers all aspects of dairy herd management from demographics to reproduction to production to mastitis.
    The report allows you to set it up in separate sections for cows, heifers, and youngstock. You can also write your own Custom Reports to look at differing aspects of management and problem solving that are of particular interest to you.